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Spring Shabu-Shabu of Flushing and Boston opens Long Island outpost


Spring Shabu-Shabu, with locations in Flushing and Boston, opened this spring in Westbury and is all set for its first summer on Long Island.

This “isn’t your typical restaurant,” the company writes. “It’s an interactive culinary playground.”

For the uninitiated, shabu-shabu is a Korean and Japanese hot pot tradition through which you craft your own creations table side, choosing from an array of veggies, dumplings, noodles and fishcakes.

Then there are the thinly sliced meats, all dumped in a rich broth.

“We want to create a space where people can enjoy a meal with exceptional quality and unlimited creativity,” said managing partner Jonathan Lee. “Spring Shabu-Shabu focuses on providing a clean, healthy dining experience where you leave feeling empowered, satisfied, and like you got your money’s worth.”

Since steaming and boiling are the cornerstones of shabu-shabu, the cooking method preserves nutrients and prevents harmful fumes, the company says.

Spring Shabu-Shabu opened April 29 at 1195 Corporate Drive in Westbury.

— photos courtesy of Spring Shabu-Shabu


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