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2024: Queens Voted Spring Shabu-Shabu Best All You Can Eat!

Spring Shabu-Shabu

136-20 38th Ave, Flushing

(718) 395-8076 –

Spring Shabu-Shabu isn’t just a meal, it’s an experience. This year’s winner for Best All You Can Eat Restaurant gathers friends to cook meats, dumplings and veggies in boiling broth at the table. The family-friendly atmosphere, exceptional ingredients and interactive experience make a visit to Spring Shabu-Shabu a guaranteed delight. First you choose a base broth, then order meat and dumplings. Guests then pick garden-fresh veggies from the buffet and add them all to the hot broth. Over the course of the meal, the broth develops an even richer flavor, so save room to use some rice or noodles to soak it all up for a fantastic finish. (Plus, you’ll want at least a lick of vanilla or matcha green tea soft serve on the way out.)


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