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All-You-Can-Eat Asian Dining Experiences in NYC

Tiffany X. Yun 11/30/2021

Spring Shabu Shabu

Another hot pot choice is Spring Shabu Shabu (136-20 38th Ave., 2nd fl.) in Flushing, Queens, a Japanese-style experience. Unlike places where a cooking pot is shared among a group, here each person gets an individual pot. There are options of a gluten-free soup base, the bonito flakes and kelp broth; or a vegetarian choice of mushroom and vegetables. The Chinese mala soup is another option, with spicy broad bean paste and soybean oil added to a pork bone base. Buffet prices here only include vegetable items, and add-ons are available for seafood or meat. Check out the noodle bar, which offers choices like spinach-flavored noodle, soba, fresh pumpkin noodle, ramen and udon. Get the lotus root, a crispy or tender bite depending on how long it is boiled. Toss in sliced taro—a bit denser than baked sweet potato. Meat add-ons include beef belly, beef top blade or lamb. Seafood options include white fish or shellfish, like top neck clams, crab and shrimp. Beverages range from domestic to imported ones from Japan and Korea. Cocktails and white and red wines are also available. Finish with soft-serve ice cream: matcha, vanilla or a mix.


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