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NYC’s Hottest Restaurants

Spring Shabu Shabu served as the ideal AYCE hotpot restaurant of my dreams. At Spring Shabu Shabu, you are allowed to pick from a wide assortment of fresh greens and frozen items (sort of like you’re shopping at a grocery store with unlimited options to choose from). Typically, the hotpot places I’ve previously dined at usually involve a waiter or waitress bringing you a platter of vegetables upon request. However, I prefer the liberty of picking your own vegetables and Spring’s method allows you to try the whole menu.

At your table, each customer gets one individual hot pot to him/herself. My favorite hotpot ingredients include fish tofu, pork gyoza, chow mein noodles (yellow), watercress, and napa cabbage. As for the various types of meat, Spring Shabu Shabu does charge per plate, which is totally understandable. One order of their tender beef and I was done.

If you don’t know how much I love this place, just ask Fiona. I kept comparing every restaurant to Spring Shabu Shabu and told Fiona that I was seriously down to eat here a second time before I depart NYC, LOL. In response, Fiona laughed and told me that I should give other restaurants a chance…sigh. Welp, you can already guess that I’ll be back at Spring Shabu Shabu the next time I visit Fiona!


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